Miss Oneika Cherell Lockley - Miss Hillside
Age 13.  Sponsored by her Parents, Jeff & Cydell Lockley.       
Attends Apalachicola Middle School.  Loves oysters,                
cheerleading, dancing, singing, modeling, and basketball. Her future
plans include attending Florida A&M University and studying

Mr. Jathan A’Niah Martin - Mr. Hillside
Age 10.  Sponsored by his parents, Leonard & Sheila Martin.  
Attends Love Center Academy.  Loves eating, singing, dancing, and
computer games.  His future plans include being discovered and
becoming the next American Idol.  He also plans to attend college and
major in the Arts and open a home for homeless children.

Mr. Amontaye’ T. Austin - Ebony Prince
Childhood Development.  Loves Chicken noodle soup, playing with
Age 22 Mos. Sponsored by Hillside Seafood.  Attends Early the
tambourine, karaoke, football, and basketball. His future plans
include starting school and making his family proud.

Mr. Jhamere Laquez Rhodes - Ebony Prince
Age 10 Mos.  Sponsored by Alvin & Lisa Cummings Quality Cleaning.  
Loves peas, prunes, smiling and playing with his VTech Smart Key.  
His future plans include continuing to smile and bring smiles to the
people who love him.